Scramjet Transform Hub Release 0.16


08 February 2022

We just released a new version of Scramjet Transform Hub. The new version fixes a couple of important bugs and is aimed at a better developer experience.

Prominent changes

  • Introduce HTTPS support in the API Server The API Server will now expose HTTPS if instantiated with cert and key arguments. For now this change is only available in @scramjet/api-server and the change to STH is going to come in one of the upcoming releases. The feature will result in not needing extra HTTPS termination on the local machine and therefore simpler execution.
  • The Docker Sequence and Instance Adapters specify the volume permissions. Starting the docker mode will no longer allow changes in the volume. As the volume may be shared across multiple running instances, writing between them will now be banned. If you think this should be possible, please reach out to us and tell us what is your use case.
  • Scramjet community moving to Discord documentation update We've updated docs and README's to direct our users to our new Discord docs. This has no effect on existing deployments.

The new version also includes a dependencies update that fixes a couple security alerts.

Bugfixes and minor improvements

  • Improved chunk size handling for the input and controls streams in the Python Runner
  • Smarter Python Runner selection based on the Sequence configuration
  • Sequence configuration can now be provided to Python Sequence on startup
  • Python Runner operates on the JSON logs (aligned with the new ObjLogger used in the Host)
  • Better error handling in the ObjectLogger and the CommunicationHandler
  • Added Docker Sequence and Instance Adapter volume permissions
  • Python Runner implements the complete Host handshake (including the default topic messages)

Photo by Sandro Katalina on Unsplash

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