Products and Pricing

A distributed processing platform with simple pricing fit for any need.

Scramjet Cloud

Base product

Run your applications on Scramjet’s cloud hosted Hub

  • Execute long running programs in seconds
  • Make your data available as a product
  • Acquire data from any public source
  • Create real-time event automations
  • Process continuous data sequentially
  • Unlimited data size and time
Check out our new feature when you want to process your data behind firewalls, close to source or destination.

Self Hosted Hub

Add-on product
Run code on any infrastructure and let our platform handle data exchange between separated locations, devices and environments. Build Virtual Data Meshes spanning across local, on-premise, edge, cloud and anywhere else where your data resides.
Single point of orchestration for all your data pipelines
Integrate existing systems behind firewalls and VPNs
Instantly integrate data across distributed domains
More add-on products will be available in the future, stay tuned!
It’s absolutely free to start

Enjoy 30 days of full version Scramjet Cloud + limited Self Hosted Hub add on product

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