About Scramjet

Scramjet is a company born in 2020 with a mission to democratize access to serverless by removing complexity for developers and businesses worldwide.

We are the authors of Scramjet Framework, an open source platform designed to solve some of the issues we identified in Function-as-a-Service cloud deployments.

Our mission

We want to make all industries and developers included in the cloud revolution, no matter where they come from, which language they use and what they want to use the cloud for. While including everyone, we also deliver critical improvements to serverless making it easier and faster to deploy with a smaller budget.

Our vision

We have a dream of serverless being simple, fast and reliable within a fraction of the existing computing budget. We won't stop until that vision becomes our shared reality!

Our values

We believe in a world of inclusion and simplicity, where every developer and business can thrive in the current digital revolution, having full access to what cloud has to offer.

Executive Team

Product Team


UX/UI Designer

Scramjet Dev Squad


Senior Backend Developer


Junior Tester


Full-Stack Developer


Full-Stack Developer


DevOps Engineer


Scramjet is on a mission to democratize access to cloud and serverless and include all industries in the data revolution. If the above resonates with what you feel - leave us a note or your CV at ([email protected]), we're constantly looking for people who can become a part of this amazing journey together with us.

We are a fast-paced start up company with secured funding and an incredible opportunity to grow. We offer remote employment across the world.

We are looking for

Our story


Scramjet Framework is born.


First B2B customer served.


70k downloads of Scramjet Framework.


Founders team assembled, won EU grant for company development.


200k downloads of Scramjet Framework, 160+ open source deployments.


Scramjet LLC is born as a company, secured pre-seed funding from Speedup Group and various private investors. Company has grown to 15+ employees.


First product release - Scramjet Transform Hub


Sunfish Partners VC funding


Start of Scramjet Cloud Platform Beta program




Are you interested in our products or want to know more? Or do you have a great idea or valuable feedback and want to build the future of serverless with us? Every reason to get in touch is good, so don't hesitate and reach out!