Cloud Platform

Scramjet Cloud Platform is a powerful serverless data processing platform that combines a data processing engine with serverless apps and APIs, making it easy to deploy, run, and integrate data across distributed environments.

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Run and connect real-time programs

Scramjet Cloud Platform enables concurrent execution of multiple programs in various programming languages, facilitating data transfer between instances via Topics using object retrieval or API endpoints.

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Standard-based coding patterns

Scramjet Cloud Platform (SCP) employs standard-based coding patterns that allow for flexibility and do not require any specific frameworks or boilerplates.

Developers can choose to use the SCP platform console for monitoring, controlling and invoking their Sequences, or interact with the platform through other methods.

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Span processing across all your environments

Process your data at origin, in the cloud and on any connected device. Leverage and connect legacy systems.

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Control and monitor your ecosystem from one single place

Scramjet simplifies data management by providing a unified panel to control, monitor, and integrate your entire data ecosystem seamlessly.