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Video CDN Origin Protecting Redirector

Video Industry



To enhance content delivery efficiency by redirecting traffic between CDN and origin servers based on video popularity.

Core Components

  1. Origin Monitor - Monitors the health and performance limits of origin servers.
  2. CDN Monitor - Gathers data regarding CDN storage contents and usage.
  3. Manifest Redirector - Utilizes the data from the Monitors to redirect requests selectively bypassing CDN for long tail content.


  1. Improved Efficiency: By using origin servers for less demanded content, overall CDN usage is optimized while the Origin load lowered.

  2. Enhanced Performance: Direct origin server access for certain content ensures faster delivery and reduced latency.

  3. Dynamic Content Management: Automated redirection based on real-time data allows for agile content delivery strategies.

Cost Savings:

  1. Reduced CDN Costs: By offloading less popular content to origin servers, CDN costs are significantly reduced.
  2. Optimized Resource Utilization: Efficient use of origin server capacity and CDN resources leads to overall cost-effectiveness in content delivery.


By intelligently balancing the load between CDN and origin servers, the solution ensures a cost-effective and efficient delivery. With Scramjet, the implementation of this use case becomes streamlined, adaptable, and scalable, suitable for a dynamic online video industry.