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Automated Metadata Acquisition for E-Commerce




Streamline product listing processes by automating metadata acquisition using Scramjet sequences integrated with Akeneo, Geizhals.de, and competition mapping APIs.

Core Components

  1. Product List Importer: Processes the input of new product items from from a CSV file.

  2. Metadata Fetch Sequence: Utilizes APIs from Akeneo and Geizhals.de for fetching product pictures, videos, descriptions, and features.

  3. API Ingestion Sequence: Integrates the obtained metadata and competitive pricing information into the e-commerce platform.


  1. Better listings: Enhances product listing efficiency with high quality metadata and rich product information.

  2. Automated Pricing: Facilitates competitive pricing strategies by mapping and comparing with competitors.

Cost Savings:

  1. Reduces manual data entry and associated errors, saving time and labor costs.
  2. Minimizes the need for extensive product research and data gathering.
  3. Optimizes resource allocation by automating repetitive tasks.


The Scramjet Cloud Platform based automation in e-commerce metadata acquisition revolutionizes product listing processes, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and competitive edge in the market. This approach not only saves costs but also significantly improves the overall shopping experience for customers.