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Scramjet Cloud Platform

The first serverless computing platform lowering the cloud usage costs by allowing execution of general-purpose applications in a hybrid local-edge-cloud environment.

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Project: Scramjet Cloud Platform

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The objective of this project is to develop and launch the Scramjet Cloud Platform (Scramjet CP) service - the first serverless computing platform based on a novel cloud service model "TaaS" (Transform-as-a-Service). The service aims to overcome the technical limitations of the competition’s services and responds to the growing trend of development of cloud native systems (without own infrastructure).

Why Scramjet?

Serverless solutions available on the market - services in the FaaS model (Function-as-a-Service) - have significant limitations: they perform a single operation, on a single record, need to be invoked by an external system, under conditions dictated by the provider. This results in high costs for most customers but also excludes many more from switching to a more efficient serverless model.

The Scramjet CP service, created in this project, will offer more functionality at a fraction of the competitor's price. Based on TaaS, an innovative model differing from FaaS, the service will allow executing long lived programs processing entire data sets from any, freely programmed by the customer, source. In the TaaS model the customers will be able to distribute the program between local, edge, private and public cloud computing machines, significantly reducing per item resource usage, time and energy consumption and in consequence drastically reduce costs.


To achieve the set objectives the applicant will deliver:

  • a server resource sharing system based on an existing prototype
  • an implementation of a cluster management system
  • the mechanisms enabling discovery and networking between clusters


Operational programme: inteligent development 2014-2020
Priority axis: R&D operations support for companies
Operation: Company R&D projects
Sub-operation: Industrial research and development work done by companies
Competition: 1/1.1.1/2020
Fast Track 1_2020
Area: Projects from less developed geographies

Total budget: 3 494 824.71 PLN
NCBiR grant: 2 306 468.14 PLN

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Project: Scramjet Framework SIGMA

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The Scramjet company is the owner of the Scramjet streaming framework, which is rapidly gaining popularity. Scramjet Sigma will introduce to the market a consistent data processing mechanics along with a unique proprietary algorithm for assembling functions in Javascript, Python, C ++ programming languages, and ultimately also other programming languages such as Go, Rust, Java, C#. The result of the project will be a framework for a wide range of applications, allowing for radical optimization of cloud systems in terms of cost, energy and functionality.

Scramjet Framework

Scramjet - technology of simultaneous assembly of consecutive synchronous and asynchronous as well as stateful and stateless functions into one execution chain, offered in the form of a framework available in many programming languages.

Our goal

The aim of the project is to introduce to the market a multilingual - JavaScript / TypeScript, C++, Python - Scramjet Sigma Framework, which will provide a consistent API (Application Programming Interface) and maintain a convention compatible with these languages. By "achieving consistency" we understand the introduction of a uniform set of functions provided by the framework, but in such a way that the programming conventions in individual languages do not overlap - for example, that C++ programmers do not have to use conventions known from e.g. Java.


Operational programme: inteligent development 2014-2020
Measure 1.3: R&D projects financed with capital funds
Sub-measure 1.3.1: Support for R&D projects in the pre-seed phase by proof of concept funds - BridgeAlfa

Total budget: 1 000 000 PLN
NCBiR grant: 800 000 PLN
SpeedUP: 200 000 PLN

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