Why Scramjet serverless Cloud Platform?

Cube with vector pointsCube with vector points

Limitless execution

Run your program as long as you need. Process data without fixed size limits.

Java, Python, C++ and JavaScript logotypesJava, Python, C++ and JavaScript logotypes

Serverless computing

Focus on your code and let our engine handle computing and data flow in your apps.

Four multicolored blocksFour multicolored blocks

Simple management

Enjoy our dedicated API and CLI to deploy, run and monitor your applications.

Java, Python, C++ and JavaScript logotypesJava, Python, C++ and JavaScript logotypes

Fully interoperable

You can mix transforms from different languages in one program, go cross-native in cloud infrastructure, and stay environment agnostic!

Use cases in industries

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About us

Scramjet has been started in 2020 with the mission to democratize access to serverless and drastically improve the way it works. We are driven by the opportunity for all industries and developers to be included in the cloud revolution.

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