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What is Scramjet Cloud Platform?

module.exports = async function* (input, serviceKey, delay = 5) {
    for await (const message of input) {
        const status = sendMessageToService(serviceKey, message);
        yield status;
    await wait(+delay * SECONDS);

user@machine:~$ si seq deploy

Scramjet Cloud Platform is a distributed data processing platform for deploying and running data integration programs across different locations and environments with minimal boilerplate code or configurations.

To get started, create an account and follow the instructions provided. You can then deploy and execute your data workflows and pipelines using the platform's central API and minimal configuration. We'll also provide documentation, tutorials, and support to help you get started.

module.exports = async function* (input, serviceKey, delay = 5) {
    for await (const message of input) {
        const status = sendMessageToService(serviceKey, message);
        yield status;
    await wait(+delay * SECONDS);

user@machine:~$ si seq deploy

Why Scramjet?

Why use Scramjet Cloud Platform?

Scramjet Cloud Platform simplifies data architectures, enabling long-running data programs and self-sustainable pipelines with minimal configuration, making it ideal for managing your data processing closer to the source of the data.



By supporting tiny devices, small servers, and large cloud clusters, the platform can scale up or down to meet the processing demands of different applications, making it easier to handle peak loads and accommodate growth.



The ability to automatically connect data between programs can eliminate the need for manual configuration of network connectivity, reducing the potential for errors and speeding up deployment and troubleshooting



The platform can support a wide range of use cases and deployment scenarios, allowing developers to build applications that can run on different devices and integrate with other systems seamlessly.


Cost savings

The platform can leverage the computing power of low-cost devices and small servers, reducing the need for expensive hardware and infrastructure.


Improved data processing

By connecting data between programs, the platform can facilitate real-time data processing and analysis, allowing applications to make faster decisions and respond more quickly to changing conditions.

How it works

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Scramjet Cloud Platform simplifies data architectures by allowing users to run custom software spanning across different locations


Your code

with current industry tools


Your code

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Did you know?

Scramjet Cloud is so easy to use that a Junior Dev can get a service started in less than 30 mins

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Private Data Mesh

Connect your custom system with data from public APIs


Developers, open-source community

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On disks, in offices, on GPUs


Set up your server and send your program with one simple command:

user@machine:~$ si seq deploy

How to start

Install the platform core on your own servers

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Use Scramjet samples to optimize your work

  • 53AF8193-9D1B-46EC-BD03-1CB2CB813676


    Slack read

    Sequence that modifies incoming stream of strings by adding Hello

  • 75CEE8F0-46DE-43E9-A639-87B44E5BD466


    Discord write

    Sequence that can retrieve data from Kafka topic and show the result on 'output'

  • B5BAE138-66D9-4D30-A4F2-D4410A4602CD



    Sequence that pulls data from JSON url every x seconds and writes it to Instance output endpoint

  • C31196B1-40DF-4BEE-BBE5-92C03EC4E3C6



    Sequence that keeps printing current crypto prices for a provided pair of currencies every 1s

  • 9F1D92A3-D453-41FF-A56F-7714E6DD4D22


    Kafka consumer

    This Sequence is a trivial example of voice recognition with Scramjet and speech_recognition Python library

  • 01FFDE69-AE9E-4F9C-B46E-380D1AA30610


    Send to GitHub

    A Sequence that commits a JSON object to a file on Github

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