MarTech (Marketing Technologies)

Optimize processing petabytes of customer data. Enable new MarTech solutions in data collection and customer knowledge extraction with Scramjet.

Sample Scramjet architecture for Marketing Technologies (MarTech)

The diagram below shows collecting data from several different digital sources (social media, stock market and weather station) in order to augment customer data warehouses. More complex datasets can help to predict customer behaviour patterns based on weather or financial indicators.

Use Case: Extend customer knowledge

MarTech companies running DMP (Data Management Platforms) and CDP (Customer Data Platforms) might need to extend their warehouse data beyond CookieId based data. Collecting data from non-standard sources could help to build better, more sophisticated models for ad serving.

Scramjet Cloud Platform can help to collect, process, and augment these data in real-time.


The country market leader in MarTech is analyzing petabytes of online customer data. The company would like to gain a competitive edge and make their customer knowledge AI models even smarter. They plan to implement this concept by extending knowledge sources to data from channels like social media platforms, partnering companies such as sentiment analysis companies, stock market data or even weather data.

Scramjet Cloud Platform can help to build dedicated pipelines of instances collecting, joining, merging, cleaning, and extracting knowledge from these additional sources.

Use Case: Optimize Real-Time-Bidding

Existing serverless and data processing systems on the market operate with delays, RTB systems must perform the entire operation within this time, and in some cases even in a fraction of it. Additionally, the operating costs of serverless systems or data processing clusters exceed the potential profits from displaying an advertisement.

Scramjet Cloud Platform offers very low latency in data processing and can be a good choice for Real-Time Bidding and Programmatic platforms that would like to perform RTB processes quicker and more efficiently.


Existing RTB companies could give their clients the opportunity to create programs that follow clients between parties and analyze traffic and interests on an ongoing basis. Such a solution would significantly increase the reach efficiency and CTR of such systems, and consequently, the value of the services offered would increase. Thanks to lower operating costs, these companies could offer programmable systems to content publishers, also improving the efficiency of space use, and thus the value of the services provided.

Use Case: Enable custom media analytics

Some industries and companies prefer to collect, analyze and store web and mobile analytics data themselves instead of using popular market tools.

Scramjet Cloud Platform will be able to handle many "clickstreams" from Web and mobile clients.


A European bank is replacing its digital banking system with a new one. The company decided to build its own custom web analytics tools that will also help to spot security risks and prevent them.

Scramjet Cloud Platform can be used here as a ""data collection, ingestion and pre-processing engine"" that will handle streams of data, preprocess it, extract the most meaningful information and either raise an alarm or save valuable data to the storage of the bank's choice.