Automation for Business and Industry domains

Automate your business and industrial processes with Scramjet.

Sample Scramjet architecture for Automation

The diagram below shows collecting live logs and events from several enterprise domain systems. Data is further transferred to monitoring and maintenance systems for status control.

Use Case: Automate business processes synchronisation

Modern companies frequently use more than one technology platform for business processes. For example, the company can use one system for the business domain (like CRM, ERP) and the other for the support domain (ticket system). It is quite frequent that events in one system must be transferred as quickly as possible to another system for further handling and response.

Scramjet Cloud Platform can become a backbone integration system for such integration between various business process handling systems.

Example Automate application monitoring:

Leader in automotive spare parts production uses several systems for its core business processes: CRM for managing interaction with customers, leads and orders, ERP for finance, manufacturing and inventory management, separate HR systems for payroll and workforce management. Each of these systems has distinct business processes. The company decided to gather all business problems and incidents in one ticketing system to have global overview and reaction procedures. Scramjet Cloud Platform can deploy several instances, responsible for listening to critical issues encountered in various business processes in domain systems, standardizing these events to canonical form, and save all of them to a dedicated issues management platform.

Use Case: Automate creation of orders and claims based on the chatbots and voicebots input

Many companies are now regional or global. Consequently, their business application landscapes became extremely complex, with multiple business applications in different domains deployed on production. The consequences of failures are severe: lost income, lost customers, possible penalties for non-functioning services. In order to monitor multiple services in many geographies and time zones, companies need to handle dozens of live logs and monitoring streams and react to errors in real-time.

Scramjet Cloud Platform can provide a base technology here by handling all even streams from various applications in multiple data centers.


A global consumer goods company has a complex IT landscape: they have over 20 different business applications deployed in 3 data centers across the globe. They also have a global security, monitoring, and recovery team that monitors all the apps on a 24/7/365 basis. Current monitoring solutions are unable to handle both the data load and complexity of data streams: each application has its distinct events important for monitoring and subsequent updates and releases change these events directory frequently.

The company can use Scramjet Transform Hub to pre-process data in the data centers and transfer only the required data, via Scramjet Cloud Platform, to the monitoring systems for generating metrics, alarms, and dashboards.

Use Case: Extend customer knowledge

Customer-oriented companies with large contact centers extend their client-facing capabilities with classic IVR, email inbox as well as chatbots and voice bots. Most of the three tools can be already in the cloud. Each channel is using different technology and allows the creation of new sales orders and customer support tickets in central CRM.

Scramjet Cloud Platform can help to process, and route massive amounts of requests to CRM from various customer support channels.


A big e-commerce store, selling items in several countries, offers a few contact channels for their customers: IVR, voice bot, and chatbot. Each channel works in several different languages. Each channel is using different technology and allows the creation of new sales orders and customer support tickets in the central CRM. The volume of requests is substantial. Current, custom-made solutions based on API requests became too slow to handle them. This is a problem in the customer sales and support area, where new sales orders and claims must be processed as quickly as possible. At the same time, the company does not want to implement an expensive (to buy and maintain) enterprise integration platform.

Scramjet Cloud Platform can become a central integration and routing platform that will handle these requests, verify and update its data and route them to the proper system of record, according to the type of request and language.