Scramjet Virtual Data Mesh

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The technology for optimizing the processes of monitoring, controlling and analyzing data from distributed IoT devices, named Scramjet Virtual Data Mesh (SVDM) is designed to enable users to create distributed data processing systems spanning end systems (IoT devices, microcomputers, microcontrollers), last-mile edge systems and the public cloud within the Data Mesh fabric.

Our aim

The project aims to develop and ultimately deploy technology that fits into 2 research themes:

  • Industry digitization:

  • Real-time data processing and decision-making software for IoT

  • Process efficiency optimization software

  • Cyber security:

  • Cyber security for networks and IoT

  • Development of a secure platform for IoT devices


Our target

The new service will specifically target technology companies involved in the integration of industrial processes (IoT) with solutions based on enterprise management systems, business process modeling and general data processing solutions, including AI/ML systems and cloud computing.


Operational programme: intelligent development 2014-2020

Priority axis: R&D operations support for companies

Operation: Company R&D projects

Sub-operation: Industrial research and development work done by companies

Competition: 1/1.1.1/2022

Fast Track: Digital Innovations

Total budget: 8 949 477.3 PLN

NCBiR grant: 5 448 024.91 PLN

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