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The Scramjet company is the owner of the Scramjet streaming framework, which is rapidly gaining popularity. Scramjet Sigma will introduce to the market a consistent data processing mechanics along with a unique proprietary algorithm for assembling functions in Javascript, Python, C ++ programming languages, and ultimately also other programming languages such as Go, Rust, Java, C#. The result of the project will be a framework for a wide range of applications, allowing for radical optimization of cloud systems in terms of cost, energy and functionality.

Scramjet Framework

Scramjet - technology of simultaneous assembly of consecutive synchronous and asynchronous as well as stateful and stateless functions into one execution chain, offered in the form of a framework available in many programming languages.

Our goal

The aim of the project is to introduce to the market a multilingual - JavaScript / TypeScript, C++, Python - Scramjet Sigma Framework, which will provide a consistent API (Application Programming Interface) and maintain a convention compatible with these languages. By "achieving consistency" we understand the introduction of a uniform set of functions provided by the framework, but in such a way that the programming conventions in individual languages do not overlap - for example, that C++ programmers do not have to use conventions known from e.g. Java.


Operational programme: inteligent development 2014-2020

Measure 1.3: R&D projects financed with capital funds

Operation: Company R&D projects

Sub-measure 1.3.1: Support for R&D projects in the pre-seed phase by proof of concept funds - BridgeAlfa

Total budget: 1 000 000 PLN

NCBiR grant: 800 000 PLN

SpeedUP: 200 000 PLN

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