The Scramjet Transform Hub (STH) is an open-source, lightweight runtime engine designed to deploy and execute code in a serverless environment. Unlike traditional solutions, STH supports long-running and stateful functions, as well as streamable API endpoints, making it an ideal choice for tasks requiring real-time responses or extended processing times. Our clients have successfully utilized STH for data synchronization, integration, monitoring, and orchestration tasks.

To ensure uninterrupted service for our clients' code, which may run for days, weeks, or even months, we've developed a groundbreaking feature in STH 1.0.0 called Runner Reconnect. This feature allows STH to restart without interrupting running programs (Instances), significantly reducing scheduled maintenance breaks and ensuring improved security, performance, compatibility, and business continuity.

Runner Reconnect: Uninterrupted Service Through STH Restarts

With STH 1.0.0, you can restart the system at any time without causing downtime for your Instances. When STH becomes available again, the Instances will automatically reconnect, providing full API control and restoring their arguments and configurations. If your Instances consume or provide data through STH API input, output, or topic channels, these processes will also resume smoothly without human intervention.

Behind the Scenes: Reconnection Mechanism

STH achieves this by providing the Instance server host, port, and other required configurations to the Runner, a service responsible for executing user code (Sequence). When the Runner loses connection to STH, it will attempt to reconnect using the provided configuration until it succeeds.

From a technical standpoint, a new class called the CSI Dispatcher has been introduced to facilitate this process. The CSI Dispatcher creates CSI Controllers responsible for managing Instances and starting Instance processes as Docker containers, Kubernetes pods, or non-containerized services. When STH restarts, the Runner reconnects to the STH Socket Server, and the CSI Dispatcher creates a CSI Controller for each reconnected Runner, allowing STH to recreate its Instances state.

Current Availability and Future Plans

Currently, the new Runner Reconnect feature is only available for JavaScript Instances, but we're actively working to extend this functionality to Python Instances as well. Please note that with STH 1.0.0, Instances will not terminate when STH terminates, but will continue operating and consuming machine resources. To terminate both STH and all Instances, ensure that all Instance processes are also terminated.

Seamless Computing with STH 1.0.0

STH 1.0.0 offers a seamless computing experience, enhancing both business continuity and technological aspects by reinforcing two core features that set STH apart: stateful and long-running Instances.

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