EDIT: the beta program has been ended, the links have been removed - you can now register for the free trial of Scramjet Cloud Platform

After months of hard work on bringing our flagship product to the market, we’re finally ready to unveil the Scramjet Cloud Platform beta program and start testing with developers from all over the world.

Scramjet Cloud Platform is a 3-in-1 platform – a unified system that combines the benefits of stream processing (like Kafka and Flink), serverless systems (like AWS Lambda or OpenFaaS) and a streamable API/CLI setup. This unique combination allows you to run complex data pipelines spanning across multiple locations (edge, cloud, and on-premises), in multiple languages and with almost no boilerplate code. Thanks to these attributes, we can guarantee an unmatched developer experience – and we need your help to make it even better.

When using our new platform, you can expect:

When you join beta, you’ll be among the first on our platform and have an influence on our product development roadmap, you’ll also receive:

You can read more about Scramjet Cloud Platform on our product page here. Register now for the beta testing program.

We are thrilled to be building the future of data processing and our company together with you!

Thanks, Scramjet Team